Lord,… keep me out of your way!

When I first started blogging I ‘met’ someone known as ‘A Man Breathing’ who was an ordinand on the south coast, blogging his journey to ordination. Sadly, after his ordination he stopped blogging, but that was after many months of receiving his encouragement on my road to licensing as a Reader.

‘A Man Breathing’ was also a fireman. Via his blog header, he introduced me to the prayer I’ve now posted on the right hand side of this blog because it continues to hold much meaning for me, and also for the work I’m currently involved in my parish of St. Peter’s Yateley (I may well use it at the end of this weeks sermon.)

It was written by Revd Mychal Judge OFM – Chaplain to the New York Fire Service, and the first recognised victim of 9/11. Having rushed to the scene on hearing of the devastation, he prayed with and helped people in the lobby of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. When the South Tower collapsed it shot debris through the lobby of the North Tower killing him and others. There is now considerable information about Fr Mychal on the web.

I suspect his memory lives on in the US for many reasons, not all connected with 9/11. But for me, this prayer means a lot, and says it very simply.

Trying to live it, is much more complicated!


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