Sunny day in the New Forest


We’re staying with my Father in the New Forest and today have been blessed with plenty of signs of spring and other brief delights.

This morning a whole variety of bees, including Bumblebees were working the sea of crocus flowers in his garden. Among the busy Goldfinches and Siskins, Longtail and other tits, was a female Blackbird collecting nesting material!

Then we spotted first a male Brimstone and then a pristine Tortoiseshell – the first butterflies of spring 🙂

This afternoon we took a walk out near Woosen’s Hill and Mark Ash. We found yet more ancient beech with naval timber marks, extending our search from others found at New Year. A Buzzard called and wheeled above us, Fallow Deer grazed in a sunny patch and I spotted a Cole Tit among the plentitude of small birds. The best moment was when a Tawney Owl flew out from an old pollarded Beech and silently twisted through the trees into the distance.

I love these days – they are like oases to a thirsty soul that lift my spirits high. And I still think “my” forest is the very best cathedral! Thank you God.

Not that things aren’t good – they are. Just a lot of stuff going on that I can’t blog about.


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