Counting #myblessings – going for growth!

My son aged 9 playing with some much younger children in Uganda

38% if Ugandan’s suffer stunted growth!

I’m not sure why I’m surprised by this, but I shouldn’t be, because on reflection none of the Ugandan’s I know, or have met, are particularly tall. At 5’5″ I don’t think of myself as being particularly tall, but I’m taller, or as tall as most of my Ugandan friends. And being 5’5″ will cost me £1.30 at 2p and inch towards the Family Life Programme run by Mothers’ Union in 10 regions of Uganda.

Why is the height of Ugandan’s so important? I guess because it’s a reflection of the levels of nutrition and health care available to them, especially in the more rural regions. If a family doesn’t have enough to eat, in the form of a balanced diet, the children won’t grow as well or as fast. It’s really very simple.

This is a reminder that we have to thank God for things that quite often we’re unaware of – we don’t tend to focus greatly on our height, unless and until, like me, your teenage son is suddenly looking down on you and enjoying the sensation! But that of course has an importance of it’s own: growing to a ‘proper’ height (whatever that might be for the culture you’re in) is something that helps give you self-esteem, even if God’s more interested in what you are like inside, and in your relationships with him, and with others.

As we Count our Blessings for our own inches, and the way society accepts them, let it help us to pray for the health of children in Uganda (and many other places in the world) that a more even distribution of the worlds resources, and a more sustainable approach to community life, may help children to grow to their full potential.


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