Thoughts on being crucified

'Lift High the Cross' Yateley 10th April 2011

My son was crucified as a thief next to Jesus last Sunday (Passion Sunday). In the heat of an unusually warm spring day. ‘Lift High the Cross’ was the idea of our retired priest; an open air passion play that involved all the local churches.

C is 14, and was recently Confirmed. I wondered if the experience would have any impact on him – emotionally, or spiritually. So I asked if he’d write a bit for this blog, and let me post it with a picture. He’s a great lad, and agreed fairly willingly ūüôā This is what he said:


To be honest it didn’t really feel like much of anything. The shouting¬†was acting, the screaming was just acting, everything was simply¬†acting.

Carrying the cross hurt a lot, being strung up on it for 20¬†minutes hurt even more, and getting my legs ‘broken’ so that I could¬†be stretchered of was a relief, but he rest was bland. No emotion.

I¬†don’t think you actually can get anywhere near the emotion that they¬†would of had that day, with out doing it completely really, nails and¬†blood and whipping and all. But unfortunately I don’t think health and¬†safety would like that very much.

My husband (who also took the photo) was in the crowd and his thoughts are here. My thoughts are different again, and will follow shortly.


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