A heavenly scene of “Life…” on canvas

A photo, of a canvas, of a photo, of a painting, of "Life..."

Well it’s been a while, but I finally achieved something special in time for my husband’s birthday today – with a lot of help from some lovely people.

Back last summer, I wrote about a wonderful trip to Hitchin Lavender, and posted some of my husband’s photos of the heavenly scenes. At the time I said I was saving the best – the reason being that I wanted to get it put on canvas and hung in the extension we completed in 2009.

I like to give credit where credit is due, so today’s roll of honour goes to 3 local photographers with great skills and generous, encouraging hearts:

A friend from church, Steve Mann (who is Nelson Art) for tweaking the original image slightly (at his own suggestion because he liked G’s photo when it was posted on Flickr) which removed some distant telegraph poles and people. He also made the colour balance look like the sunflowers are so real you could reach out and touch them – and suggested the canvas idea.

Another Christian friend (a GP who is a rather cool photographer) Dr Andy Teo (Photocillin) who suggested the right man to make the canvas and did the clever uploading bit I wasn’t sure about.

And Glenn of Digital Blush who was that man, and has produced a wonderful canvas that looks like it could be an oil painting. He is a man I think we will be visiting again.

Glenn, like us, likes the label on the artist’s box. It says simply “Life…”

Life… is good, praise God!


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