Contraception as an aspect of God’s mercy

I’m catching up on myself today, and also catching up with my family – including reading my husbands blog posts! He’s a secondary school biology teacher and doesn’t blog often because of his workload. When he does, he tends to talk a lot of sense (but then I’m biased).

I was particularly struck by his latest offering, and wanted to give it a (marginally) wider audience. In it he talks about contraception (a subject that he had to teach 5 times in one day during his schools’ Year 8 Relationships Day, and has taught regularly in this format for years). In his blog post he states that

Contraception is one aspect of the mercy of God to help people not take on more responsibility than they can stand, to ensure that children are conceived within stable relationships, and to prevent the deaths of the unborn.

This is actually part of his conclusion, based on both scientific and Biblical ideas, but he (like me) is actually in favour of chastity and abstinence if at all possible – it’s just we realise that in wider society this isn’t that common.

Have a read, and do let one of us know what you think.


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