The watcher and the watched – a prayer reflection on Exodus 3:1-14

I ended up writing a sort of prayer reflection to use after my sermon at this morning’s mid-week service at which I was using Exodus 3:1-14, the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.

Knowing that God is watching my every move, and has appeared in my very own “burning bushes” is quite important to me right now.

A reflection on Exodus 3:1-14

First year wildflower meadow - my father's garden

Almighty, God,
controller of the universe,
but manipulator of none,
giver of freedom
through the Redeemer Son.

You Lord,
who I welcome and worship,
watch my every move,
your gaze holding me in focus.

Not in the iris of the camera’s eye,
nor recording movements to be replayed
that my sins might be remembered;
But watching me
with a father’s concern,
hovering expectantly around
each new-learned step I take.

Help me Father,
to reflect your concentration.
Let me be curious to know your will,
my eyes eager to glimpse
each revelation of your holiness;
my ears alert to your every word,
heart open to receive your love,
and eager to obey.

RH 27th July 2011


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