Cakes thank RAF families – a good news story!

Mothers' Union free homemade cake stall at RAF Odiham Families Day, 10th August 2011 - with Apache Helicopter doing aerobatics above!

Yesterday my husband spent the day at RAF Odiham as part of a team of 16 Mothers’ Union members who gave away FREE homemade cakes to RAF personnel and their families at the RAF Odiham Family Day. His account of the event, plus some of his pictures is here. There’s more on his Flickr site too – especially if you’re into aircraft!

Mothers’ Union are celebrating 135 years of supporting marriage and family life this year and in the Diocese of Winchester we are doing it in the only way we know how – with practical projects and giving thanks to God.

Tuesday 9th August was Mary Sumner Day when as well as celebrating with worship and a presentation by Mothers’ Union Worldwide President, Rosemary Kempsell, over 100 members brought some of the 100s of homemade cakes to be given away at RAF Odiham yesterday.

Next week another Mothers’ Union team will be taking 19 families for a week’s holiday in East Sussex, a holiday they wouldn’t otherwise get.

Among the busy-ness of our small contributions to making these things happen (mostly Press Releases in my case) it struck me that the work of Mothers’ Union, and these small practical projects stand in contrast to other current news stories about family life.

That’s why I love Mothers’ Union – and why it’s work is so important.


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