I heard him in Yateley first – Beatbox Nativity reaches Radio 2

Hobbit (right) and Gav (left) in June 2007 on The Green in Yateley

OK I’ve led a sheltered life: Until 16th June 2007 I had never heard of “beatboxing”.

That was the day some entrepreneurial types in our parish put on some entertainment on the village green, which included the Psalm Drummers and two guys called Hobbit and Gav (pictured left on that occasion). Gav was a curate not too far afield, and known to various of our exceedingly talented local musicians. What the two of them produced completely blew my mind, and I’ve been a fascinated watcher of beatboxing ever since. It was great that the musical genre even made this years Proms courtesy of Beardyman.

So, when I came across the competition entries for the ‘Nativity Factor’ I was delighted to find that Gav, now a West Country vicar, who beatboxes as ‘‘TyTe had a fantastic Beatbox Nativity entry, which has emerged as the winner! Watch the link below if you’ve not seen it already:

This morning, Revd Gavin Tyte even got the interview slot on Chris Evans Radio 2 Breakfast Show, at the end of which he gave a rendition of The Annunciation which is a simpler rap, but none the less powerful for that. Listen to today’s broadcast on the iPlayer from about 2:07:30 minutes in.

So congratulations to Gavin, and thanks for sharing the Christmas message in a way that will be fresh to many. And well done to the Archbishop of Canterbury for the plug he obviously gave Revd Tyte on Friday’s Chris Evan’s show! FESTIVE RESPECT!


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