Have you got that Kingdom Rhythm? Mark 1:29-39

My sermon on Sunday featured a brief rendition of the chorus of jazz standard ‘I got rhythm’, but didn’t in the end feature the ‘rap’ poem that I wrote whilst preparing it – but which I have ‘published’ below!

The husband reckoned that the rap/poem didn’t rhyme enough, and in the ‘final cut’ it wasn’t really how I wanted the sermon to end; it didn’t feel right. So I didn’t use it.

What was really interesting was how this sermon seemed to resonate particularly with women – several people came up to talk to me afterwards (at both the services it was preached at) asking for a copy of the questions I’d posed or talking about the spiritual lift the sermon had given them; the majority were women.

The sermon is here: Sermon Mark1v29-39 Kingdom Rhythm and the questions it poses are below:

  • Can you keep up with Jesus’ rhythm?
  • When did you last stop and walk away from what you normally do, to just BE with God?
  • Can you hear the lyrics of what God is saying to you through the power of the Holy Spirit?

For further thought:

  • Is the material in this sermon and these questions of more concern to women, than men?
  • If so, why could this be, and as Christian’s how should we respond appropriately to any issues this raises?

The Kingdom Rhythm Rap

There’s a rhythm to the kingdom
Gonna lift us up;
If we grab it, an’ we hold it
Like the cross of Christ.

There’s the need to chill
With our Father God;
Grab a space, for the grace,
Of unending love.

We need to go with the flow
When life’s full on;
Feel the power, for that hour,
When it’s crazy tough.

And we can’t stand still
in the Spirit’s gaze;
Coz there’s work, mustn’t lurk,
In a comf’table space.

But the problem for the Christian,
Is the devil’s real,
He’ll mess it, and he’ll mix it,
Till we’re tied in knots.

So, before the town gathers
Find that solit’ry space
Take the hand, be made t’stand,
By Jesus Christ! 


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