…and ACTION! Filming starts on the F1 RUSH job

The cry of “…and ACTION” accompanied my extended walk around the airport at Blackbushe today, as filming finally started on RUSH, the new Ron Howard film celebrating the F1 season of 1976.

Fake or real? F1 cars at the RUSH film set at Blackbushe, 5th March 2012


Now I remember 1976 as being a long hot summer here in England, but today they were obviously filming scenes set at other Grand Prix around the world because the grandstand of “extras” have been deluged in rain – applied under pressure from the top of a very long pole and sprayed across their faces. Sadly with the dog I couldn’t get close enough to take a photo, but given the brisk biting wind today, I reckon every extra has earnt their £100 pay packet as they’ll be frozen!

The other things we’ve noticed as we’ve walked the set on recent weekends are

  •  the quality of the painting on the sets for the pit garages – we know they’re chipboard because we’ve watched them being built, but you’d be hard pressed now to know that!
  • the lines painted for the ‘starting grid’ show that in the 1970’s the F1 cars were really no bigger than a Mini – at least in ‘footprint’ if not in engine capacity 🙂 I don’t know much about F1 racing, but the cars always seem huge when you see it on the telly!

Although, as I expected, the film company have not kept strictly within the detail of the planning application they made before Christmas (there are significantly more than 15 large vehicles up there, and I don’t think the 3 vaste marquees were mentioned), they have been very good at staying off the grass and heathland areas. I really hope this continues as we’re now in March, the migrants will be arriving and of course we’re entering the nesting season for the ground and heathland birds.

I’ve also been really impressed with the ‘crew’. The staff who guided me across the edges of the tarmac sections well out ‘shot’ were very polite, and last week it was great to see Yateley Manor School using the site – partly for an orienteering exercise but also up on the set itself being talk to by members of the film company.

So, all is well so far, and I hope it continues that way – though I’ll be fitter by the end of filming as the set has added at least an extra half mile to my usual walk!

RUSH film set at Blackbushe, 5th March 2012


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