Not to be missed or mowed – please!

The public open space between the Red Cross Centre and the Highwayman in Yateley

I want to publicly thank Hart District and Yateley Town Councils for NOT mowing the grass, especially that in the fields adjacent to the Red Cross Centre in Yateley, which forms part of my regular dog walk. PLEASE keep up the good work!

The poor photo below, taken with my phone, should (if better) show a number of the plant species present, over and above a range of grasses I’m not knowledgeable enough to name. There are yellow Hawkweeds, Plantains, White Clover, Daisies and Buttercups, and also a tiny white star shaped flower, that I ought to identify. Here they can prosper and seed, bringing the colour of summer to all who visit; little things, but not to be missed or mowed.

There are also pockets of Ox-Eye Daisy appearing at the edge of the field and the list could be easily extended through a detailed survey and with a little help from some wildflower mix, which surely can’t cost any more than a trip from the mower men!

It may look like a scruffy bit of grass, but if the weather was just a little warmer and less windy this lovely field would be alive with insects, helping to attract even more birdlife to the area, and bringing even more joy to people’s lives.


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