My count – RSPB Big Garden #Birdwatch

So, having told you about this weeks Mistle Thrush, when it came to doing my hour for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, it had vanished completely! Just typical!!

Timed from 9.45am on Sun 27th January 2013 in my little suburban garden in Yateley, my totals for the 10 species of birds that landed in the garden are:

Chaffinches on our seed feeder 14th January 2013
Chaffinches on our seed feeder 14th January 2013

Chaffinch – 13
Blue Tit – 2
Robin Р2 (resident is v territorial)
Starling – 5
Blackbird – 2 (M & F)
Wood Pidgeon – 2
Great Tit – 2
Siskin – 1 (M)
Goldfinch – 1
Greenfinch – 1

So, no Mistle Thrush and much reduced numbers of Starlings (although there are plenty around), Goldfinches and Siskin. That’s the difference the Hampshire thaw has made I guess. The Dunnock that’s been semi-resident is also missing, as were the Long-Tailed Tits who dash through a couple of times a day and two Collard Doves who were cooing on our fence up until a few days ago.

Male Siskin on our Niger seed feeder 16th January 2013
Male Siskin on our Niger seed feeder 16th January 2013

Overflies, if I could have included them, would have been many more Wood Pidgeon and Starlings, and about 4-6 Magpies.

We didn’t do the Birdwatch in in 2012 (I must have been busy) but looking back at our totals for the 2011 RSPB #Birdwatch this years count is pretty good. We’ve not had a Blackcap this winter that I’m aware of, and Siskin numbers are down (though we did have up to 4 in the garden during the snow), but a lot more Starlings and Chaffinches.

I shall be interested in the RSPB results when they are released later in the year, and really must get out around Blackbushe and Castle Bottom again soon. The weather and lack of dog are have had a bad effect on my birdwatching, and on my hips!



  1. The birds around here totally abandoned my feeders today. If the count had been last week I’d have had loads to report. Today, none, for the whole hour!

    At dusk, however, the normal flock of about a dozen sparrows, female blackbird, blue tit, collared dove and wood pigeon turned up briefly, sat in the apple tree and on top of the observatory and skulked about. Only one of the sparrows had a nibble on the food. *shrug*


  2. It’s utterly frustrating isn’t it Steve. I almost wished the snow had stayed longer to bump my figures up, but actually I suppose it’s actually better that the birds are more inclined to be out feeding naturally now the weather’s turned for the better.


  3. Gosh we had a massive storm on sat night and my main feeding station was broken and blown down!! I hung it on a lower branch and was amazed to see 3 long tailed tits (I’ve only had 2 so far!), then the usual selection of tis, finches etc appeared but the wind was still very strong – so I presume that was why the total nos were down. Te occasional visit of the greenfinch didn’t happen but to my shock a house sparrow sat on the top of one of the metal feeders! The last time I saw a sparrow in my garden was last year while I was recording the Big Garden Birdwatch!!!!!! So much for sending typical stats!


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