Of mice and an MA

Three Long-Tailed Tits on birdfeeder
Three Long-Tailed Tits on my bird feeder. 6th February 2013

Today I achieved two things that I’ve been trying to accomplish all winter.

The first, was that I managed to photograph the Long-Tailed Titmice that occasionally dash through our garden. I have always loved these birds, and longed to photograph them, but this is the first time I’ve succeeded so I feel really chuffed with myself.

The second thing I achieved today, was completing the first portfolio of my MA. The whole process has been tortuous, proved the fact that I read, retain and reflect on material really slowly, and struggle to make connections that when I’m talking to someone informally come so much more easily. The thing is my poor memory means I can’t remember what I’ve thought, read or said. Yet, except for my issues with apostrophes,  I have no problems actually writing it just takes a long time – especially when I’m trying to achieve a standard that I’ve never worked at before.

Anyway, my reflection on obedience, community and hospitality in Benedictine spirituality will get it’s own special trip to college tomorrow, to be handed in. Then I can start proper work on the next two: one about land in the Old Testament, and one that may well be about spirituality and hope connected to my current hospital placement.

The little mouse that visits our patio. 29th January 2013

Oh, and more mice? Well we’ve had a little visitor under the bird-feeder on the patio recently – often first thing in the morning, so photographing it can prove rather difficult. Anyway, I rather like him, even if he’s bit small and scared to cuddle, and I’d really rather not have him in the house!

The wildlife is keeping me sane – ish.


One comment

  1. The spirituality and hope topic sounds intriguing. Congratulations on completing your first portfoliio. I’ve no experience of the thing myself but know that the very word strikes dread into the hearts of many. Love your wildlife photos – though agree that that little mouse looks far better in a garden, not a domestic setting!


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