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Sermon: Jesus Christ is enough – Galatians 1:11-end

Been a while since I preached, but tonight at our Evening Service of Holy Communion with Prayer for Healing, I’ve had the chance to get to grips with Paul’s earliest letter, the one he sent to the Galatians.  There is … Continue reading

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Time, Miles and Community Pulse – anticipating Self-Supporting Ministry

There are eleven miles between home, and the boundary of the parish in which I will serve as a self-supporting curate. The expense of this travel will, I am led to believe, be met by my Diocese. Once at the … Continue reading

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Spending my 100% for Jesus

Earlier today I posted about my worries that perhaps I was putting my family before my calling. Thank you everyone for helping me to work through something that’s been bothering me for some while. A good slap with a sensible … Continue reading

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Putting the son before serving the Son

When explaining to people some of the circumstances surrounding my forthcoming curacy, I have been beset by a sense of guilt, a fear that people will question my commitment to my calling, every time I explain why it’s panning out … Continue reading

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Announcement: Title Post (Curacy)

I am delighted that all being well, I will be serving my title (doing my curacy) at St. Mary’s Church in Old Basing and Lychpit with Fr. Alec Battey as my training incumbent. The family and I have spent a few … Continue reading

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