I am thirsty! John 19:28-29

The fifth of my reflections on the Seven Last Words written last year and traditionally used on Good Friday. The first four are accessible here. The last two will follow later on the Good Friday.

You are welcome to re-use these, suitably attributed, but it be great to know where, so please use the comment facility to let me know.


I, Jesus.
Yes, that no-good Galilean troublemaker.
I, the one they call Messiah,
Son of David,
welcomed as the Saviour of my people Israel,
proclaimed with songs of praises,
testimony falsified,
betrayed, arrested,
beaten, tortured, crucified.
I, the Son of God.

I am.

I am,
bread, that’s why I broke it;
light, that’s why all people are drawn to me.
I am
the gate;
this cross,
the gateway by which all will find rich pastures.
I am
the way,
the truth,
and in this my death, life.
I am
the true vine,
now cut and bleeding,
is the rootstock of my Father in heaven,
into which you can be grafted.
I am
the good shepherd;
raised up,
I lay down my life for you.

I am thirsty.

I am thirsty,
because I have poured out all of myself.
I am thirsty,
because almost everyone I have touched in this life,
has forsaken me,
hidden, lied, and run away.
I am thirsty,
because I long,
I yearn,
like a deer that pants for the water brooks,
for you to see me here,
and turn to my love for you,
and be refreshed.

I am thirsty.
Are you?


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