Single stripe ‘grandad’ blanket!

Sorry about another long silence folk. Ministry in a pandemic has been a little too screen orientated, and whilst the crafty fingers have kept busy in attempt to keep me calm, the energy to blog the creations has proved a little lacking.

During April and May I was largely making granny stripes. Having created scarves and flowers for my lovely mother-in-law, it was time to create something for my father-in-law, who sadly is now wheelchair-bound. In common with many who have mobility issues, he easily gets cold, so the plan was to make him a blanket – a ‘grandad’ blanket.

Finished ‘Grandad’ Blanket

The inspiration came during the winter from fellow crafting clergywoman, Alison, who like me is fairly new to the crochet business. I suspect she’d been inspired by a mutual friend the Fibre-fairy – but that is the way that crafting works! She’d created something similar in the second part of 2019, and I was inspired to do something similar.

It’s based on the Attic24 Granny Stripe Blanket but differs in that changes colour between a plain colour, and a multicoloured yarn, every row. In former years my dear father-in-law was an ocean going sailor, competing in such things as the Fastnet, so sea colours seemed appropriate. I joyfully bribed my husband to my favourite yarn shop Pack Lane Wool who have a sideline in excellent breakfast/lunch/cake.

The yarn needs to be approximately the same weight: we ended up with Silver Stylecraft Special dk and a King Cole Riot dk in shades of blue/green/purple called Dude, both labelled as being for 4mm hooks. In truth, the Riot was a bit lighter weight, but after mastering a long chainless foundation row in the Stylecraft, it worked pretty well. I literally alternated the two yarns every row, so they interlinked nicely.

Main yarn choices for the ‘grandad’ blanket – a darker grey was used for the edging

The main downside of a single stripe granny (or grandad) is you end up with lots of loose ends, but following the basic size and technique instructions in the Attic24 Granny Stripe, things went fairly well. It turned out quite big, but that’s fine as it can be doubled over grandad’s knees in the winter.

Obviously all those loose ends needed to be threaded back into their own rows when I thought I’d gone quite far enough. After some debate with my husband about the colours, I simply circled the whole blanket a couple of times with 2 rows of a darker grey Stylecraft Special dk granny stitch, followed by a couple of circuits of double crochet, the second of which was in the coloured King Cole Riot dk.

Yes, all those threads needed tidying into their rows before the edging went on, sorry. Oh, and the book is fantastic if you like the Scottish Isles: Marram by Leonie Charlton

This was the first edging I’d attempted, and it does curl up slightly but I wanted to give a very definite edge for it’s recipient to grab at – he has increasingly reduced mobility and grip in his limbs so this seemed important. Perhaps if I repeated it, I should look at the pretty Attic24 Granny Blanket Edging to creating something flatter.

For my first larger project I was very pleased with the result, and delighted that it’s recipient was pleased when he received it – on a hot summers day, when it felt a little inappropriate. However, I know it’s been used, is loved, and has fans. So if you’re one of those and reading this, please feel free to copy it.

The finished blanket, folded for wrapping as a birthday present.

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