Crafting for Ukraine – pendant necklaces

Many creatives have been inspired to show their support for Ukraine in various ways in the last few months – a way of enabling many of us to deal with our sense of helplessness at what we have seen unfolding on our television screens. These have been my small contribution, and since both sold (with some of the money going to the DEC Ukraine Appeal), I probably need to make some more.

I’m not sure if these are truly Dorset Buttons, but they successfully created the effect of a Sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine.

I knew one had gone to a member of the clergy who was working to support families trying to host Ukrainian families, in the Salisbury Diocese. However, when watching BBC South Today, I was rather startled to actually see not only her, but the necklace I’d made, which she had been wearing daily as a witness to our need to support Ukrainians in whatever way we can.

I’m grateful to Rev’d Canon Eleanor Rance for permission to show this screen shot from the news item.

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