New ‘Woven Nature’ workshop success

It was a delight to lead my ‘Woven Nature’ workshop at Gilbert White’s Museum and Garden on 21st September. Nine lovely people came from all over Hampshire and Dorset to join the fun, learning how to make a simple Willow ring, design their impression of the landscape at Selbourne, and turn into a small wall-hanging, using some of the skills of Dorset Button making.

Artist Sophie Hacker talking to participants in the ‘Woven Nature’ workshop in Gilbert White’s herb garden

I am incredibly grateful to Sophie Hacker for hosting this as part of her residency as artist at Gilbert White’s, and we were blessed with the most gorgeous day, which added to the delight of her tour of the grounds mid-way through the morning.

There were some wonderfully creative people, many of whom had brought (part of) their own stash of ribbons, yarns and threads, and we enjoyed sharing different expertise to add to the mix. As you can see from some of the images below, it was a stunning venue, and there were some beautiful images being created by the end of the day.

A participant enjoying cake as they take a break from creating their ‘Woven Nature’ wall hanging.

The staff team at Gilbert White’s were great hosts; the cakes in the afternoon were a particular joy. I am already in discussions with them about reprising the workshop, perhaps on a winter Saturday when there isn’t a wedding in the Field Studies Centre.

If you are interested in a similar workshop being put on at a venue you’re involved with then please look for my forthcoming page about workshops, and contact me for more details.


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