Resources and Sermons

A long while back during my Reader Training I created various study materials to meet the requirements of my assignments. One or two I was reasonably pleased with, and have even been used by a homegroup locally. It struck me that these are basically now stuck in the filing system, not being used by me or anyone else. I decided that as I wrote more things as I grew and developed in ministry, I would make them available to the wider world.

If you click on the RESOURCES category of this blog, you should find a load of stuff that has accumulated through the years. Feel free to use, adapt and comment. One of the ways I feel God speak to me is through writing vaguely poetic reflections. There’s a series on ‘The Seven Last Words’ here written for Good Friday 2015, among others.

If you click on SERMONS you will find some of those I’ve preached over the years. If you want to search for specific Biblical text (or anything else for that matter), do feel free to use the search facility – it helps me find old stuff, so I hope it helps you too!

More recently as these have been recorded by the churches I serve, or appeared on video as we started to YouTube services during the pandemic, I much more rarely include them. If you want to ‘see me in action’, you can find some ‘early-pandemic’ services (along with wildlife videos) on my YouTube Channel, and more recent material on the dedicated Benefice YouTube for St. Mary’s Eversley and St. Barnabas Darby Green.


  1. hon, how about calling this ‘studies’ as it’ll be shorter, and fit in better pn the page. currently it hides under the search box!


  2. Saw your comment on FB Text Week, followed to your blog. What a delight. Thank you for the heart-full reflections on Maunday Thursday. I’m inviting you to be a FB friend, hope you accept.


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