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Cross-border funerals and bereavement care

Our parish churches and their ministers, have certain responsibilities. These include, as I understand it, the requirement to baptise, marry and bury those who request such ‘occasional offices’. Whilst reflecting recently on my own past practice in taking funerals, I … Continue reading

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Travellers in the community – Gospel opportunity?

Last week we had a small group of travellers take up residence in a field, which happens to be a public open space. As far as I can tell they caused no trouble, (unless you particularly dislike what I think … Continue reading

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Helping Children Deal with Grief

When my son was about six, one of those people with ‘grandmother’ status in our family died. My husband and I had discussed previously that we would explain clearly but simply to him what had happened. Our son was already … Continue reading

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Wanting to trust the local press – a question to take to #cnmac11

I’m being followed. For someone who seems to spend rather a lot of time on Twitter, and is a member of the Twurch of England (who have a cool new website), this obviously shouldn’t bother me. It doesn’t. Well, normally it doesn’t. … Continue reading

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Beyond the grave at #gb11

I’ve spent much of my ministry as a Reader in the last 12 months focusing on the funeral ministry here at St Peter’s, developing my ministry in this field alongside helping to nurture the parish’s during our recent vacancy. Though … Continue reading

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Farewell to a hidden hero: Geoffrey Hancock CMG 1926-2011

Last month a took a funeral. A quiet affair for a grieving family, which in some ways was like the others I’ve taken over the last year. But in other ways this was different. For I had the privilege of being the … Continue reading

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Counting #myblessings of comfort – pillows and cushions

Late in evening and my first chance to sit at the computer. Today, the busy life of a lay minister and Mothers’ Union member has included an MU Trustees meeting, and juggling the needs of several grieving families in the … Continue reading

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Funerals and liturgy as God’s basket for people’s grief

I’m not sorry that funerals are becoming a rather large part of the focus of this blog, because it reflects one of the main elements of my workload at present, and the privilege I feel at being asked to do … Continue reading

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Unpacking this silent woman

I’ve got 40 minutes before I go to prepare for the 3rd funeral I will have taken since New Year. For the stipendiary minister that might not seem like a lot, but since Gran’s was my first completely solo effort and marked … Continue reading

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A few thoughts… on the passing of a family treasure

A few may have noticed that my blogging became rather sporadic before Christmas. It was due in part to a family bereavement, when my husband’s Gran died aged 97. Various things, like clearing Gran’s flat, took a greater priority than … Continue reading

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