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One Holocaust, or many? #DontStandBy #HMD2016 #KS2

Today I have lead an ‘Act of Worship’ in the Church of England VA Junior School of the parish I serve.  It has to be based on the Christian faith, but today’s brief is to link Holocaust Memorial Day  with the … Continue reading

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Pavane for the Resurrected Lord – on my ordination as Priest

I was Priested at Winchester Cathedral on 4th July, and celebrated the Eucharist for the first time on Sunday 12th July. Momentous events in my life (so much has been working up to this point), and it transpires in the … Continue reading

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Discovering what we don’t know – Mark 9:2-9 The Transfiguration

There are probably very few of us that haven’t had one of those moments when we see something amazing, and promptly say something that sounds, well, rather stupid, at least to the ears of others, even if it makes perfect … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Coming One – Advent Sunday 2014

I wonder how much we really look forward to Christmas? Honestly now?! I can see some wry grins… I didn’t think so. You’re possibly not the only ones! Preparations. Hard work. A mad gallop of events to cram into the diary, … Continue reading

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Have you got that Kingdom Rhythm? Mark 1:29-39

My sermon on Sunday featured a brief rendition of the chorus of jazz standard ‘I got rhythm’, but didn’t in the end feature the ‘rap’ poem that I wrote whilst preparing it – but which I have ‘published’ below! The … Continue reading

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Remembering that God put me where I am

I’m really struggling this Lent. Responding to the desperate cries for help of everything from Saturday’s bride (nothing more exciting than sorting the playing of a CD), through the needs of a baptism family where the Godparents need enough notice … Continue reading

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The Rich Man and Jesus reflect (Mark 10 v17-31)

This was what came out as a ‘sermon’ this morning at our 8am Morning Prayer. It’s a bit different, but received a couple favourable comments this morning, which is actually really encouraging because often there is little feedback at that … Continue reading

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Of books, time and the Kingdom of God

I’ve started working on some exegesis for this weeks Gospel reading: Mark 10:17-31 (the Rich Man) in preparation for an early start on Sunday (8am Morning Prayer) and wondering what possessions I have that might stop me entering the Kingdom … Continue reading

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