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Technical Update

At various points in past months I’ve worried about the capabilities of my old Palm, partially converted information to Googlemail and Google Calendar but then not been able to access it. There’s also been the anti-virus question – though Gs … Continue reading

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New, and growing slowly

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIFNEddeZI4 Continue reading

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Note to self – loading a ‘theme’

From skype with Alec, to load a theme into the Mothers’ Union blog: control panel at Zen you are looking for a directory called “wp” subdirectories wp-content/themes, or similar the zipfile content needs to be unpacked and put in there. … Continue reading

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Where we lack knowledge

Two things happened yesterday which involved me simply not knowing enough to have avoided the problem. Firstly, a call from my son Chris’s school explained that the reason I had not had an invoice for his Grade 3 Oboe exam … Continue reading

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Hosting progress given ethical pause

Todays main job was to set up an hosting account with Zen Internet and start the process of porting the regional Mothers’ Union website I want to re-write to them. The idea is then to re-write using a format similar … Continue reading

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