What does God regard as work?

I’m currently leading a small group in a course called ‘Monday Matters’ as part of my Faith and Daily Life module of Reader Training. Each session involves some discussion pre- and post-Bible reading discussion and prayer. At the end of the 6 week course, the participants will be required to feed back on how I have led the material.

I won’t go into detail as to those sharing in my group (for obvious reasons), but suffice to say that I regard the source material as poorly presented by the diocese and inappropriate in it’s language for any mixed group of people – it assumes that everyone can read close typed text and understand complicated words. Neither does it reflect different learning styles… very little seems to be accessible to the majority of the population who are kinesthetic – learn by touch/doing. I am taking the course at it’s word, and adapting the material each week to make it more accessible, though as at Week 2 I’ve not found a way of putting questions and ideas over without words.

I am at the moment therefore interested in the idea of ‘work’ which the course suggests is the daily activity with which we fill our day. But neither the first two sessions seem to have considered what God created as work, but rather encouraging us to create outcomes through our ‘work’ that proclaim God’s kingdom in some sort of transforming way.

What got me thinking was reading Howard Jameson‘s blog today, about a book “God at Work” by Ken Costa:
“Costa’s definition of work is … part of God’s pattern in creation – something which therefore pre-dates the Fall and presumably awaits us in the New Heaven on the New Earth.”

This sent me scurrying back to Genesis, and I am reminded that (Gen 2:15) “The Lord god took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” This appears to me as needing to be a core thought in how we think about what we do during our normal day – it is (or is it?) something that is God ordained as part of how God made us to interact with the rest of his creation.

I am now wondering if this will form part of the later sessions of ‘Monday Matters’ and why it hasn’t appeared as a starting point? I hope that it does, as this point seems to me key to drawing the two strands of “Faith” and “Daily Life” together.

I shall be watching Howard’s blog more than usually closely in the coming weeks.


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