Terrorism hasn’t died, so let us pray

When my husband and I heard the news yesterday morning, our immediate thoughts were that Bin Ladin’s death puts a lot of people in a lot of places, at greater risk.

Then yesterday afternoon we received this message from Canon Andrew White in Baghdad (we receive his email updates and he also posted this on Facebook):

“So, Osama Bin Laden is dead! A day that has been longed for many years. Today is just the beginning of the fight against al-Qaida. Terror is not over, the reality is that that we are now all in a very dangerous time. Al Qaida will try and show the world that they can and will still commit terror, so we all need to be on our guard.”

After I’d posted the quote on some Christian blogs I follow (LLM Calling, Bishop NickBaines and The Churchmouse), I realised I’d better log my thoughts here too.

I think that Canon Andrew’s many American supporters, and the rest of us, need to pray hard, because Bin Ladin’s death, and now the frankly appalling behaviour of some American’s, is putting more lives at risk.

One man may have been killed, but I am quite sure that militant Islamist terrorism hasn’t died.

My prayer this morning:

a small part of one of the Forest Stations, at Lincoln Cathedral

Father God
in this violent world,
where so often it seems only possible to meet acts of terrorism,
with yet more killing,
grant us the wisdom and strength to stand up for peace,
and a stop to retribution.
We remember those who,
as the political situations of the world shift dramatically,
are placed in even greater danger,
asking you Lord, to protect them.
Shine the true light of your love in the darkest corners of your world,
and through the power of your Holy Spirit,
change the hearts of those who seek what is evil.
We ask this through the name of your risen Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.




  1. Interesting perspective, Rac; but the statement regards “putting more lives at risk” is an economic one, and begs the question of whether still more lives might have been at risk with Bin Laden at liberty and acting as a recruitment figurehead, symbol of hope for radical islamists, and fund collector.

    My bet is that quite a few funders of AQ will now think twice about paying for training camps and sorties. Yes a few bombs may go off in “retribution” and hopefully not many will be killed, but that is not the big picture.


    • So far, so good (at least as far as “retribution” is concerned). It’s interesting isn’t it, this ‘for the greater good’ type stuff – I tend to agree that in the long-term this will have been for the best. I am however very glad the US Administration have taken the stance of not releasing proof photo’s – especially since now AQ have admitted he has in fact died.


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