Who’s going to miss the party? A sermon on Matthew 25:1-13

We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions, which is why I didn’t go to a firework display this year, and why five virgins didn’t get to go the bridegrooms banquet in Matthew 25.

We are all waiting for God’s ultimate party, aren’t we? We’re all prepared for it with our party hats, our streamers and the champagne?

My sermon last Sunday focused on the need for us to be prepared for Jesus to come again in glory, for the Kingdom of God to be fully revealed to us.

After much prayer and thought, I did talk about the fact that Matthew’s Gospel seems to suggest that there will be a point of judgement, where God’s grace may no longer be his dominant characteristic.

Since the passage comes in the lectionary as part of our post-Trinity preparations for Advent, I also suggested that when we approach the manger this Christmas we should not do so alone. We should bring our friends with us.

We must not judge whether God will welcome either us or our friends into his Kingdom, but if none of us are waiting, and if we haven’t brought our friends, then none of us are prepared to welcome Jesus the bridegroom.

The full text of this sermon is here: Sermon Matt 25v1-13 (10 virgins) (and yes I really did take a bottle of champagne to church!)



  1. so who drank the chanpagne? Are you being a wise virgin and keeping it for the unexpected arrival of a bridegroom or similar – or does this count as burying a talent and resource which could be used and enjoyed?


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