Grace at Cuddesdon in the week of Plough Sunday

Sunset at Ripon College Cuddesdon 15th January 2013 (the new Harriet Monsell building is on the right)
Sunset at Ripon College Cuddesdon 15th January 2013 (the new Harriet Monsell building is on the right)

Last night I said grace at the meal we always share at the start of an Oxford Ministry Course evening. Knowing that some rural communities may well have celebrated Plough Sunday/Monday last week, I was inspired to think about Cuddesdon’s own rural context, those things seen as we walk round campus and the recent floods of the surrounding areas.

Here is what I prayed:

Lord, who created the soaring kites in the sky above
And the glistening ice that delights our eye
but chills the sodden ground;
We give thanks for your glorious creation,
And ask your wisdom and strength to fill all those
who till the land and care for livestock at this time.
May we never waste the fruits of their endeavours
or our own,
That your name may be glorified
Jesus Christ our Lord.



  1. I like that, if I get my first choice of Mission Study Block placement I’ll be in a rural setting so I may well use that!


  2. Thank you both. There’s been some odd snippets of poetry rolling round my head for weeks, especially if I drive the rural route to and from college. People’s reactions to this grace last night encouraged me to settle down and write properly for an hour or so, the results of which might see the light of day for critique when I’ve tightened it up, and taken a photo to appropriately illustrate it.

    Bryony, I too am developing a distinctly rural focus to my studies, with a forthcoming OT portfolio on land/covenant theology, a Rural themed study week, and also possibly a rural parish placements. I’m even exploring the idea of a dissertation on mission and ministry among the commoning communities of our historic Royal Hunting Forests (like the one I grew up in!) My rural roots are finally producing sings of growth 😉


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