Theology, evil and forgiveness

Today, I’ve spent some time ‘nesting’ pages under the heading theology, and included two of the essays that I have written during the course of my training.

They feature a couple of really tough subjects – how God can allow evil in his creation, and, if or how forgiveness can be applied in the context of offenders and their victims. Both were really tough to write about, but as I note at the end of the page they’re attached to, they are subjects which are much, much harder to apply into your real life (however you believe it appropriate to do so) than they are to write about.

Feel free to go read, and comment.

On a technical note, one file is attached as an Open Office document, the other as a MS Word document. I will be interested to discover which you find easiest and fastest to down load, as it will colour what I do in future. Thanks.


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