Roof beams and scaffolding

It is now seven weeks since the builders arrived and we continue to be well impressed by progress. DSCN0629cw

During the course of the last couple of weeks the whole of the ground floor walls and roof timbers have been completed as can be seen from the photographs. We even have some UPVC put in, but you can’t see it properly from the front.

This week the guys are intent on putting the beams onto the extension to the upstairs room, and they hope to have us tiled, windowed and watertight by 1st October when they take a break for a 10 day holiday in Egypt with their Mum who is recovering from chemo.

DSCN0633wThe timing of their break is good, as it will leave us fairly clear of clutter for parking on the weekend of the 3rd (when something appears to be drawing a large group of friends and family to visit). Presumably at some point after that we will need to move the lad out of the front room so they can break through and start the work on dismantling and creating internal walls. It looks like the shed will be watertight to help with this!

Other news? Well our favourite tussocky field has been mowed but G found a Devil’s Coachman on today’s walk – unfortunately it moved too fast to photograph. Mind you the Greenwoodpeckers seem to be enjoying the easier access for ants and other insects! I also noted today there are still Housemartins flying to and from the eaves of some of the houses on the estate, presumably encouraged to remain here a little longer by the high pressure and good weather – long may it continue if there’s going to be a hole in the roof this week!!


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