Marbled White

Marbled White Butterfly

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came home from leading his A-level Biology field trip to the Isle of Wight raving about having seen clouds of Marbled White butterflies. This is a butterfly I had never seen, so looking through his photographs I was a little jealous.

Then today, as we completed our dog walk on Blackbushe Airport, I spotted this… my very first Marbled White. Rather a tatty specimimen, but not a bad photograph I felt.

Now I’m left wondering, do we have a local population that I’ve not previously spotted, or has do the tatty wings speak of a long journey from somewhere else?


About ramtopsrac

Church of England Priest, child of God, daughter of the New Forest, wife and mother.
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One Response to Marbled White

  1. Andy says:

    R, a lovely photograph.

    The poor thing does look a little battered.

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