When a young man falls in love for the first time…

It seems my young lad (aged 13) fell in love this summer… and I suspect it’s not a passing flirtation either! Her name is ‘Kittiwake’ and putting her in his path was well worth all those lies!

"I name this ship..."

After Grandad gave our boy his lovely green wooden Solo, we discovered that the young man had dreamed for several years of having a boat and calling it ‘Kittiwake’, so that is what she was called.

He has spent a lot of time with her over the school holidays – largely racing the adults at weekends, but occasionally just pootling around Hawley Lake. He also had the adventure of coastal sailing in Chichester Harbour in a Wayfarer, with Grandad and few of others. But ‘Kittiwake’ has been his major focus.

'Kittiwake' (4134) at the start of the first race of the Youth Regatta

He’s had two outright wins against the adults at the club – one in a pursuit race, and more recently in a personal handicap. Then at the weekend, when he thought he’d be confined to a Pico for the Youth Regatta, at the very last moment (after he’d rigged the Pico) he discovered he could enter ‘Kittiwake’ against the older lads in Feva‘s, a Laser and a Comet for the Youth Handicap Class!

So, we’re now very proud parents – because he won! Not just a race, but 4 of 5 races on the day (one on handicap having crossed the line second, the other 3 outright), and therefore the class! And he’s got trophies to prove it!

Edging past the favourite to take the lead!

He may now be gearing up for a new term, the 8 mile Hampshire Scouting Kayak Challenge (aiming to beat last years 2 hours 4 minutes), and a Grade 5 Oboe exam in November, but I suspect that he’s fallen in love with sailing, and is unlikely to ever get the wet stuff completely out of his system!

Today he was wondering if his brief views on TV of the Finn Class World Championships confirmed his suspicion that the Finn is rigged somewhat like the Solo… do I have a budding Ben Ainslie I wonder? Time will tell.


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