It is finished. John 19:30

That mangled, broken body;
that unquenchable Spirit;
elevated in ridicule, and spite,
for all to scorn;
completes God’s picture of humanity.

Born as one of us,
the image of God’s ultimate creation,
is a mirror to our failure:
Deliberate suffering, and innocent blood,
the wages of human selfishness.

Christ’s full and final task,
accomplished in the detail of exquisite pain;
God’s love perfected,
poured out to the last drop,
the price of our rejection, paid in full.

Here is perfection,
the freedom of a Holy spirit,
and love which passes all understanding;
for this is the glory and reward
for all who seek God’s will.

This has been the sixth of my reflections on Jesus’ Seven Last Words at the Cross, written in 2015. The fifth is here, with a link to the first four. The seventh will follow shortly.

You are welcome to re-use these, suitably attributed, but it would be great to know where, so please use the comment facility to let me know.


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